Case Study – IndiaBulls Green Chennai

About Indiabulls

Indiabulls outfitted with its group of talented experts and with a dream to wind up best in different verticals, has been in the realty business for a considerable period of time. Their vision and administration have transformed them into players of centrality and a most loved real- estate brand among their customers.


Client wants us to generate quality leads for their luxury apartments division, a project that compromises of low, mid & high end specs.


2 Step Strategies:
Step1: Facebook Social Post

Facebook always has a huge potential market for real estate, but to be in the game we need to evolve or else we won’t stand a chance against the fierce competition. With everyone sharing the existing content, the need to stand out among your competitors and the necessity to increase the brand retention among your customers becomes crucial. So, all social media posts created by us will be strategized in such way that it gives the necessary information about the desired product among your TG and also influences their buying pattern.

Step 2 : Facebook Lead Generation:

Lead Generation ads will be targeted based on location, individuals, Job-title and the people who are interested in high value goods, who will the ideal target group for the client’s luxury home project. Below is the sample of the lead generation ads for Indiabulls.

Campaign creative emphasize on the fact that a premium apartment is brought to the people at affordable price to brighten their Diwali. A Diwali dhamaka where customers need to pat just 5% to become a homeowner and remaining can be paid during possession.


With our Precise, Planning and Execution, We were able to achieve the promised results to our client.

Social Media Marketing

  • The total number of leads generated - 1239 leads.
  • Cost per lead is Rs. 60.

Every business needs marketing; there is just simply no way around it. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for any business. It is the job of the digital marketing agency to determine the finest marketing mix that best suits the business. Here are 4 simple reasons: