4 Smart Hacks to Get More Business with Quora

It is common mistake of a marketer to undermine the value of Quora as a marketing tool. That’s where most of them go wrong. Failing to understand the value it adds to a business could be the greatest mistake one can do. With nearly 1.6 million visitors every month, Quora has really good user experience and site architecture than any other forums. This gives them a competitive advantage over their competitors and makes them the most preferred forum. Here are the four reasons why your brand needs this in marketing strategy.

A new or an existing business, big or small, to market and to promote their product and services need the assistance of all the digital tools right from designing websites to implementing various marketing techniques including SEO, Social Media Marketing etc to accentuate brand visibility, traffic and sales.

Digital Marketing is important for any business because it


    The most significant reason to choose Quora over any other forum is because of its goodwill and the loyal community that has evolved over the years. Visitors actively participate in answering questions posted by one another which triggers the mechanism that helps leveraging the credibility of your brand and adding value to the community. It’s important to maintain a genuine image of your brand on Quora, overdoing it might create distrust over your brand.


    Yes. Quora has replaced the traditional survey method. You don’t need any expensive tool to survey when you have Quora at your finger tips. Instead of breaking your head to figure out what your target audience prefers, here is an opportunity to let them say it directly to you. The questions available on quora are an invaluable vault of information that can be accessed at anytime, anywhere. The way we answer the question makes us a driving factor for the brand or at times makes us an influencer.


    When you search any keyword online, have you noticed the Quora posts popping up every single time at the top? It is because of the rich engaging content it provides to the user. This is proven to be the most beneficial and proven SEO tool to bring in organic traffic to your website. If you have employed a meticulous keyword research appropriately, the chances of your posts ranking higher are very promising.


    Quora can help to ideate when one has got creative crisis and suddenly lacks the ideas to create content. A good blog post provides all necessary details pertaining to the questions. This makes Quora a better place to find these questions. For instance, if a segment of people are asking on “How best to generate leads for my business through Facebook engagement? There is a relevant blog post on Quora already. You can even boost your blog post by linking the question to the answer to have effective impact.

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