Shift to real-time marketing and retain customers

Easy-to-use, all-purpose, AI-driven, self-service Customer Intelligence Software to execute real-time marketing and customer nurturing strategies.

Shift to real-time marketing and retain customers

One-stop agile solutions to manage your campaigns and clientele across all of your digital assets and maximise all efforts through in-built analytical tools.

IMPACT helps you run insightful campaigns to pull customer data from various sources. It cleans and standardizes this data for analysis. You can then get real-time reports and dashboards based on which you can engage customers throughout their journeys, sell your products and maximise your ROI by retaining them.

How does it work?

Cleansing, standardisation, deduplication

  • End-to-end data cleansing and standardisation
  • Handles huge volume of data
  • Capability of making the data standardised
  • Robust customer data management

Dynamic profile enrichment

  • Support suspect to advocate transformation
  • Unique IMPACT ID generated for each customer record
  • Captures preference through tagging
  • Multidimensional profile enrichment

Campaign composer

  • Create and edit campaign material
  • Enable tags to the campaign
  • Enable upload existing campaign
  • Enable tagging against the campaign
  • Provide rich and responsive user interface

Pre-built industry campaign models

  • Prebuilt marketing strategies to meet industry business objectives
  • Flexibility to switch on or switch off the model based on need

Real-time learning engine

  • Robust engine learn to execute right campaign to right contact at the right moment of time
  • Auto-learning-based campaign progression
  • Scalable learning engine

Automated execution

  • Supports scheduling of campaigns
  • Supports real-time execution based on customer behaviour
  • IMPACT engine decides the appropriate campaign to execute

Insight-driven action

  • Provides greater insight in the form of reports and dashboards to refine campaigns to increase effectiveness
What’s In It For Me
  • Execute insight-driven, real-time, personalised marketing campaigns
  • Visibility and management of campaign processes
  • Understand customer’s digital footprints via online channels
  • Seamless, omni-channel customer engagement at the right times throughout the customer journey and sales cycle
  • Cross sell, up sell and position the right offer at the right time to increase ROI
  • Receive real-time feedback and promptly take corrective action with your customers to improve their experience
  • Acquire and nurture your customers and prospects
  • Deduplicate customer data from various applications
  • Manage and consolidate customer profiles and gain 360° visibility
  • Interactive, custom, real-time reports and dashboards with multiple prompts

Use data insights and analytics to create intuitive marketing campaigns for customers. Visualize data and reports in real time and use them to create impact. Provide personalised customer experiences throughout their journey to nurture them. Use various sales techniques at the right to maximize ROI.