Visitor Behaviour - E-commerce Platform

The easiest way to gain website traction and conversion.

With the Visitor Behaviour Module, gain more visitors to your website and convert the existing visitors into customers smartly by strategically managing their behaviour on your website.

How It Works?
  • Record Customer Activity

    We identify the high priority issues and fix them to improve your conversion rates instantly and deliver a great customer experience.

  • Understand Customer Behaviour

    Our machine-learning algorithm identifies where customers struggle on your site and automatically highlights the most important issues your website has.

  • Optimise For Conversion

    We record users on your website real time, to capture and analyse all customer behaviour.

What’s In It For Me | Solution | Benefits
More sales and conversions
  • Understand Customer Struggle

    Use our machine-learning algorithm to automatically identify customer pain points and struggles on your site.

  • Identify Errors

    Uncover all error messages on your website, automatically ranked by “Revenue-at-Risk”.

  • Visualise Data

    Aggregate and visualise how your customers interact with any individual page on your site using heatmaps.

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